Two Job 8x 4 Field Book

Two Job 8 x 4 Field Book

Description: You've heard of a 'One Job' field book, Out-of-Plumb asks why not a 'Two Job' field book? Use this wire bound 32 page field book, with 8 x 4 level grid to take notes on in the field. Featured on the back is the "A little to the Left" comic from October of 2008.


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Product Number: 030-249676756
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Product Details:

· Paperback: 32 pages
· Binding: Wire-O
· Published: June 2009
· Product Number: 030-249676756


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For those of you how found this site perusing the inter-web, is a monthly comic strip published in Professional Surveyor Magazine and online here. The humor and situations are derived from the surveying industry.

In addition to this site and the strip, I also do freelance design on the side. You can see my portfolio here. I am also a songwriter, and I am currently chronicaling my songwriting experience via blog here.

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