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I've only been involved in the surveying industry for about 5 years, and never in the surveying capacity; so your ideas and stories really help me continue to create a new comic strip every month. I'm also look for ideas for t-shirts and other Out-of-Plumb-related merchandise. I plan to re-vamp the store soon, so it is a good time to give me some fresh ideas for some fun products.

Please post your ideas below as a comment. This way I have a log of all submitted ideas. Others may see your thoughts and want to elaborate on a similar experience. Also, if I use your idea I would like to credit you so please submit your name with your idea. If you just want a share a story, you can always post anonymously though; I have no qualms with that.

Thanks in advance, can't wait to see your submissions!


With healthy Moreniche said...

halo friends

Anonymous said...

How about a cartoon showing a Crew Chief checking in his work with the Survey Supervisor.

They are downloading a data collector into the office computer. The computer is bulging out, all swollen up, and about to pop. The Supervisor is speaking the following caption "Wow Bob! looks like you got a lot done today"

Anonymous said...

How about the old standby
thats not my property corner ive lived here
for 20 years and i've always maintained to the
edge of the street! what does city row mean?
your telling me i don't own this 9.5' strip between the street and this stake
do i need a ingress egress easement to park in
my driveway??

Sam W. said...

How about a joke involving a survey crew being ready for a vampire attack (They carry stakes).

Anonymous said...


With a dozer driving right next to the gun (shaking the ground) have a young instrument man telling the old rod man "you have to back it up 0.002' and go to your right 0.001'"

have a dashed line in the middle of a yard. the surveyor is marking the property line. have the homeowner saying "yea but where is my line right here, ok, but where is it here" only a foot and a half away

Tim W ( said...

My crew cheif always talks about how the road construction signs where he came from always said "Survey Party Ahead" (instead of "Survey Crew Ahead") ... I picture a cartoon looking down a highway, there is a sign that says "Survey Party Ahead" and further up the road there is a bunch of survey trucks and a group of Surveyors partying on the side of the road.

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