New T-shirt?

I was thinking of isolating the character from 'Surveying on Mars' (the one to the right with the GPS unit) and putting him on the front of a t-shirt. By himself, however, what could he say? Please post your thoughts.


Thanks to Paul MN, we now have a new shirt! Check it out.


Paul MN said...

What about having some 'space' elements floating around him, skew him so he looks like he is floating in space. Then put some text at the top that just says: "Floating." Surveyors that use GPS will get the joke.

Anonymous said...

I love Paul's idea. Having just finished the first phase of a large road project, I have come to hate that word float. Another option for the text in that idea would be "@#%@# Voice over Data priority's We just lost the cell conection again". This would be understood by those using a VRS network.

Anonymous said...

Use a thought cloud and have him think:

"Well I only got two points set today, but they are really a long way apart"

Italicize "really"

Paul's idea is good too - you might use the "only two point" idea a little different in another cartoon sometime.

Anonymous said...

really good work!, this comics rulez!
you make my day!

adrian - romania surveyor

Anonymous said...

Fixed Location

Eric W said...

I forgot to set the base...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mike said...

How about, "OK, who forgot to charge the battery before leaving earth??"

Anonymous said...

How can it not be fixed i was floating all the way here.

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